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We made three placements for advertising in the Theme Options, and you can of course place as many as you want in the widgetized areas as well. You can choose from “Shortcode or HTML code like Adsense” or your custom “Image with a link” in all three. Here’s an example to the left


Above Content


On top of page


Advertising Options



Colors & Fonts

We have a predefined selection of themes to choose from when you start up Bliss, unless you want to customize it even more, then that’s no problem! Just check the “Custom Color Theme” option to unhide specific color options for the page’s theme!

We also have a large selection ( 600+ ) of fonts from google webfonts that you can choose from and make your theme personal! You can customize the menu, brand font, paragraph, headings and all of the fonts on your webpage with these options!


Colors & Fonts Options



You can seamlessly change your theme’s background, the default is a background image that is included with the theme. You can have a solid color background, upload your own image or choose from a selection of patterns that we ship with the theme!


Background Options


Post & Blog Layouts

We offer you four different default layouts for your posts, sidebars on the left, right or both sides or a full-width page with no sidebar. You can also narrow this down for each post in the Post Options boxes below the editor. We also feature a grid layout for the blog that’s designed for quick viewing of your webpage’s material

Available Layouts

Available Layouts


Right-to-left support

The theme ships with full on RTL support to complement the variety of languages that require the feature to function properly!


RTL Option

With many more options

Bliss provides multiple extra options for you to customize the theme to your liking, if it isn’t there then we probably just haven’t gotten around to it! If there’s something you would like to be able to customize or something you think would be cool to add to the theme, then just head on over to our support forums and tell us about it! We love hearing from our customers!


  1. John   •  

    lovely looking theme. my one query is that the header area looks quite small, is it possible to customize the header area at all?

    many thanks

    • Arnar Stefánsson   •     Author

      Hey John, you can customize the css yourself all you want in the Custom CSS option in the Theme Options panel.
      We did however talk about releasing an option for a different header layout, I’ll put that back on the list of things to add to Bliss. Thank you for you suggestion!

      Best Regards
      Arnar Stefánsson
      The Bluth Company

    • Nilson   •  

      I Think the same. I need a bigger header to put my logo.

      • Alex   •  

        I agree this feature would be great.

    • Arnar Stefánsson   •     Author

      Ok, this is definitely something we are going to implement. Although not with the next update, we’ll probably include this in our next semi-big 1.3 update. Stay tuned! :)

    • Arnar Stefánsson   •     Author

      Hey guys, I just submitted an update ( v2.0 ) to ThemeForest. Header customization has been included with the update, I’m hoping it’ll be live in just a few minutes/hours :)

  2. Nauglamir   •  

    Looking for a template for my private blog, this theme would be nice, but I miss a WPML Plugin support for extra languages. Do you think about an update?

    Best whishes, Nauglamir

    • bluth   •  

      Hey Nauglarnir,

      We currently offer language support, but we decided that multilingual support wouldn’t be practical because of the nature of the theme. We thought it would be better suited for a magazine-style theme or a business theme, since you would have to write all your posts in different languages.
      Is that something that you would like to be able to do?

      Best Regards
      Arnar Stefánsson
      The Bluth Company

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